Day 8: Poster Prep


  • Twitter posters (2/22)
  • BSTAR presentation (2/23) 4:30-7:30
  • BSTAR PDFs (2/29)
  • Individual (wireless sensor network) project assigned (due 2/29)
  • Team project 2 will involve machine learning in the context of financial data (assigned 2/29 and due 3/28); you may choose your own teams of 2-3 students.
  • Final project initial lecture (3/7); start full-time after spring break (4/4)

Poster notes

  • Review tentative grading rubric:
  • Include: title, name, short abstract, data collection/preprocessing, plots, and a link to sourcecode
  • Should have a few, salient points; if those points tell a story, even better
  • Graphics should be highly polished, follow best practices as outlined by Deb Nolan and as described in the readings
  • Aim for graphical consistency; avoid surprise; guide audiences eye
  • Meeting with me before Monday: If you would like to schedule a 30 minute meeting to review your poster on Saturday (2/20) or Sunday (2/21) please let me know ASAP
  • BSTAR accepted presentations will occur on March 14th

Here is some additional information about the poster requirements (including dimensions) from Ben:

Poster instructions: Your poster design is up to you. With a quick Google search you can find many examples for reference, and even templates to start with if desired. Or you can create the design from scratch. There are a few instructions that are especially important:

  • Before beginning your poster, be sure the page you start working on is in these exact dimensions (48 inches wide by 36 inches high) because it will be printed at that size. If you work on another size document (like 8.5x11), once it’s expanded to 48x36 everything will be come warped or pixelated. If you’re creating the poster using PowerPoint, for example, and you have blank slide or a template open, go to file and in the toolbar click page set up: there you can enter the width and height at 48x36 inches.
  • If including images/pictures, be sure they are high resolution so that when printed the images don’t come out pixelated.
  • The font should be 24pt or larger, except captions, which can be as small as 18pt.
  • Please submit the final poster as a PDF so that the fonts and formatting of your poster are preserved in the printing process. In PowerPoint, for example, you would go to file, and in the toolbar click on save as. There you can select PDF as the format.
  • If selected, Ben Saheli will collect your pdf and have it professionally printed and mounted on a 48in by 36in poster-board; an easel will be provided for you at the conference.

Team work