Day 3


  • Reading 1 write-up due today at 21:00
  • Quiz today at end of class
  • Guest lecture next Tuesday by Alex Huth

There is no assigned reading for this weekend. So if you’ve fallen behind, please use this opportunity to catch-up. Everyone should now have read the following:

  1. The “Basics of UNIX” tutorial and watch the accompanying screencast here:
  2. The Interactive Shell and Basic File Management.
  3. Introduction to Git

If you are still struggling with the basic Git concepts, please look over the following this weekend:

  1. Git for Scientists: A Tutorial
  2. The Git Parable

We will start discussing Python next Thursday. If you haven’t ever used Python I encourage you to look over The Python Tutorial before Thursday, September 10th. In particular, look through:

  1. Whetting Your Appetite
  2. Using the Python Interpreter
  3. An Informal Introduction to Python
  4. More Control Flow Tools