Day 22


  • Presentations will be 5 minutes per group on Thursday, November 12 (i.e., 2 days from today)
  • Draft reports (<=6 pages) due on Friday, November 13 at 21:00
  • BIC tour on Monday, November 23 (during lab time)

Presentation schedule

  • delta, gamma, alpha, iota, zeta, beta, theta, epsilon, eta, lambda, kappa

Reports and presentations

  • See notes and links from last class
  • Everyone on team should be present and speak
  • Slides must be available on team repository by 8:30am on the morning of Thursday, November 12
  • Will use my laptop (so if you don’t have slides ready by 8:30am, you will not have slides)


Please carefully review the tentative final project grading rubric

Basically I will be looking for projects that involve (among other things):

  • constant improvement (e.g., work every week)
  • team effort
  • clear reasoning that is carefully and comprehensively documented
  • questions that are motivated and well formulated
  • methods that are appropriate for those questions
  • code that is modular, readable, comprehensively tested, and well organized
  • results that are relevant and directly related to the methods
  • conclusions that justified by the work (i.e., they should be limited and specific)

Moreover, everything you do must be reproducible. I will need to be able to issue a few commands to download all the relevant data, that runs your analysis, and that generates all your plots, tables, and other results.


  • If you have questions about your projects, there should be a pull request with code or text and use @jarrodmillman, @matthew-brett, @rossbar, andor @jbpoline
  • Most of your code should be written as a collection of functions with tests, then use scripts calling these functions to perform your analysis