Day 6: Twitter slides


  • Slide presentations are today
  • Brief introduction to (Social) Network Analysis on Wednesday (2/10)
  • No class on Monday (2/15)
  • Twitter posters (2/22)
  • Individual (wireless sensor network) project assigned (due 2/29)
  • Team project 2 will involve machine learning in the context of financial data (assigned 2/29 and due 3/28)

Slide feedback

Each team will be responsible for providing detailed feedback to one of the other teams. At the start of class on Wednesday, each team will give Johnny their written evaluation so that he can briefly review them before giving the evaluations to the team being evaluated.

The purpose of the evaluations are to improve the other team’s project. The better everyone’s posters, the more likely everyone will be accepted to present at the BSTARS event. I would like to see all the team posters accepted.

Johnny will be reviewing the evaluations to make sure that they are detailed and helpful. We will be incorporating your evaluations in your team’s grade for this project.

Here are the slide decks:

Before class on Wednesday morning, your team will need to meet and finalize your feedback. I expect a few pages of (hand-written) notes from each team at the start of class.

While the team you are providing feedback to is presenting, focus on the big picture and take a few notes. After the presentation, each member of your team should carefully review the team’s slide deck.

When you evaluate a project, please provide the following information:

  1. A one sentence summary of the overall goal/findings of the project.
  2. What is the motivation?
  3. Does the title make the motivation and goal/findings clear? Suggest a better title.
  4. Provide a bulleted list of the 3-4 main (sub)questions addressed by the project.
  5. Do these questions fit together or do they appear unrelated? How do they relate to the motivation and goal/findings?
  6. List 2 to 4 additional questions you think should be addressed in this study.
  7. Explain what the data was. How many variables? How many observations? What dates are included in the data? Anything else interesting about the data.
  8. Identify the slides/graphics that most clearly addressed the main questions.
  9. Identify the slides/graphics that least clearly addressed the main questions.
  10. Identify the most interesting slides/graphics.
  11. How easy did the slides make answering the above questions? If it was difficult, please suggest ways to improve it.
  12. Comment on the visual consistency? For example, did the team use a color code to track specific variables? Suggest possible ways to provide more coherent and consistent visuals.

In addition to this general summary, each team will provide detailed comments about each slide. You should print out the team’s slide deck. On each slide, use an easy to see pen (e.g., red) to annotate each slide. Circle problem areas and provide brief comments (e.g., xlabel not clear, remove tick marks). For each slide, please answer the following questions (in detail):

  1. What is the message?
  2. What is the data? Are the plots appropriate for the data type?
  3. Is this an information visualization or statistical graphic? Explain.
  4. How would you improve it? (Think about how Deb improved the graphic in lecture.)