Today you will be practicing working with Git.

  1. Create a new Git repository using git init and then adding GitHub as a remote or using GitHub to initialize a new repository and then cloning it.
  2. Create several text files with whatever text you wish and add/commit them to your local repository.
  3. Rename (i.e., move) some of the files and delete others. Make sure to commit your changes to the local repository.
  4. Review the Git log of commits to verify your changes have been recorded.
  5. Push the changes to your local repository to the remote repository on GitHub.
  6. Edit your files by adding and removing text. Make sure to commit your changes to your local repository and push those changes to your remote repository.
  7. Delete your local repository.
  8. Clone it again and verify that you haven't lost anything.

You should be able to use the edit command for the Bash terminal to edit your text files with your selected text editor. You may wish to review the Git lecture.

You should not create your Git repository inside another Git repository.